Are you looking for a removals or storage company? Do you want to find a certified and well-reviewed remover? Or, do you want to leave a review of a removal business you’ve recently used? If so, this website is for you.

Removal Approval is designed to help you to find the right removals or storage company. It also allows you to share your removal experiences for the benefit of other people. Keep reading to find out more about how the website works and for hints and tips on how to choose the right remover.

How Removal Approval works

The removals and storage industry is currently unregulated. This means that there are a lot of rogue traders out there offering poor service and unrealistic prices.

Removal Approval is designed to help you find a reliable and trustworthy removals and storage service. There are two ways that we do this:

Reviews – At Removal Approval, consumers can leave honest and genuine reviews of removers and storers. They can share their experiences and comments in order to help you to find a good quality service. We carry out spot-checks on these reviews to make sure that they are genuine

Certified companies – Removal Approval carefully vet Certified removal companies using a range of quality-based criteria. Once companies meet our standards we give them a ‘Certified’ stamp, meaning they meet or exceed our standard level and offer a good to excellent level of service.

Finding the right remover

Removal Approval is easy to use.

Using the drop-down menu you simply choose the type of service that you need, enter your postcode and click ‘search’. We’ll then give you a list of removal and storage companies in your area.

Click on the company and you can read more information about their range of services. You can also read honest reviews from consumers.

You will notice that some of these companies have a ‘Certified’ logo. These are the companies that have been vetted by Removal Approval and who meet our tough quality standards.

Leaving a review

Once you’ve used a remover or storage company featured on Removal Approval you can help other consumers by leaving a review on the Removal Approval website.

Simply click ‘Leave a Review’ and find the company you’d like to review. You can then mark them out of five against a range of criteria including punctuality, service and value.

By sharing your experiences and comments you will highlight exceptional or poor service. Your review and comments will also help other customers to find the right remover for them.

How to choose the right remover for you

With no regulation in place in the removals sector, there are lots of rogue traders about. These companies may not be insured, have little or no experience and may simply not turn up on the day.

Removal Approval is designed to help you find a reputable and trustworthy removals and/or storage company. We do this by vetting companies and by encouraging customers to share their experiences by leaving a review. While this doesn’t guarantee a first class job it makes it much more likely that you’ll find a better quality remover.

When choosing a removals company, it’s also important to consider the following four factors:

Get a recommendation – With so many rogue companies operating it can pay to get a recommendation from a reliable source. Ask friends, family or colleagues who have recently moved house. Or, head to the Removal Approval site to read genuine reviews from other customers.

Ask lots of questions – How long has the company been trading? What insurance do they have? Can they supply references? If you have specialist items to move, such as a Grand piano or safe, have they got any experience with this type of move?

Are they accredited? – Does the company belong to a professional body such as the National Guild of Removers? If they do, you’ll benefit from a superb package of consumer protection measures designed to promote quality, protect your belongings and take the stress out of your move.

Consider service, not just price – The cheapest removal company may not be the best. They may have no insurance, no experience or no expertise. There’s no point hiring the cheapest company if they simply don’t turn up on the day.